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A Sustainable Business Approach

Our responsible actions towards stakeholders and the environment make us competitively stronger and enhance the future value of our business

As a substantial shipping business that relies on and impacts a number of resources and relationships (or “Capitals”), we recognise our stakeholder, community and environmental responsibilities which have a bearing on the long-term sustainability of our business.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) efforts are rooted in our culture, integrated into our daily operating and business practices, and driven by the key material matters that we focus on to deliver our strategy.

We have this year produced our third standalone Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which is a comprehensive CSR reference document to better satisfy the growing interest in the details of our CSR responsibilities, approach and performance. It also serves to more clearly address the amended disclosure requirements of the Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide (“ESG Guide”) of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

We invite you to read our 2018 CSR Report which can be found in the Sustainability section of our website and incorporated in our online Annual Report.


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