SEHK ESG Reporting Guide Index

We have measured and tracked key aspects of our CSR performance for several years and we meet the Stock Exchange ESG Guide’s disclosure requirements b and recommendations for 2018.

Index Ref.DescriptionCross-references & CommentsPage
General disclosure statement29
1.1Type of emissions and data12-13
1.2GHG emissions in total tonnes38-39
1.3Hazardous waste produced38-39
1.4Total non-hazardous waste produced38-39
1.5Measures to mitigate emissions30-31
1.6Handling of waste and reduction initiatives32
A2Use of Resources
General disclosure statement12-13
2.1Direct/Indirect energy consumption38-39
2.2Water consumption (total)Not applicable as our business does not require sourced waterNA a
2.3Energy efficiency measures30-31
2.4Issues in sourcing waterNot applicable as our business does not require sourced waterNA a
2.5Total packaging materialNot applicable as our business does not require packaging materialNA a
A3Environment and Natural Resources
General disclosure statement8-9
3.1Description of significant impacts of activities12-13
Index Ref.DescriptionCross-references & CommentsPage
General disclosure statement 14
1.1Total workforce by employment 23
1.2Employee turnover 24
B2Health and Safety 
General disclosure statement 15
2.1Number and rate of work related injuries 17
2.2Lost days due to work injury 17
2.3Description of occupational health and safety measures adopted 16
B3Development and Training 
General disclosure statement 19
3.1Percentage of employees trained by category 21
3.2Average training hours per employee 21
B4Labour Standards 
General disclosure statement 22
4.1Description of measures to review employment practices to avoid child/ 22
forced labour 
4.2Description of steps taken to eliminate child/forced labour when discovered 22
B5Supply Chain Management 
General disclosure statement 27
5.1Number of suppliers 27
5.2Description of practices related to engaging suppliers 27
B6Product ResponsibilityNot applicable as our business does not manufacture or trade in productsNA a
General disclosure statement 25
7.1Number of legal cases regarding corrupt practices 25
7.2Description of preventative measures and whistleblowing 26
B8Community Investment 
General disclosure statement 34
8.1Focus areas of contribution 34-37
8.2Resources contributed 34-37