27 Financial Liabilities Summary

This note should be read in conjunction with the Liquidity Risk section. The maturity profile of the Group’s financial liabilities, net-settled derivative financial instruments and gross-settled derivative financial instruments based on the remaining period from the balance sheet date to the contractual maturity date are summarised below. These represented contractual cash flows which include principal and interest elements where applicable.

Within one year In the second year In the third to fifth year After the fifth year Total
US$'000 2018 2017 2018 2017 2018 2017 2018 2017 2018 2017
Long-term borrowings               
- Secured bank loans131,144 124,930126,350 121,813347,644 361,565349,683 238,556954,821 846,864
- Other secured borrowings 7,784 7,186 8,825 7,17126,730 24,5413,638 13,23146,977 52,129
- Unsecured convertible bonds129,0634,063-4,063-133,125--129,063141,251
Derivative financial instruments          
(i) Net-settled (a)          
- Interest rate swap contracts(544)7(221)117244(584)413(480)(457)
- Bunker swap contracts7,3747483546531,047431--8,7751,832
- Forward freight agreement-24-------24
(ii) Gross-settled (b)          
Forward foreign exchange contracts          
- Cash flow hedges:          
- outflow24,83925,11425,09326,00355,76867,646-13,215105,700131,978
- inflow(21,238)(22,431)(21,671)(23,277)(48,487)(61,009)-(12,040)(91,396)(118,757)
Net outflow3,6012,6833,4222,7267,2816,637-1,17514,30413,221
Current liabilities         
Trade and other payables112,830108,825------112,830108,825
(a) Net-settled derivative financial instruments represent derivative liabilities whose terms result in settlement by a netting mechanism, such as settling the difference between the contract price and the market price of the financial liabilities.

(b) Gross-settled derivative financial instruments represent derivative assets or liabilities which are not settled by the above mentioned netting mechanism.