32 Balance Sheet and Reserve Movement of the Company

(a) Balance Sheet of the Company

As at 31 December
Note 2018
Non-current assets      
  Investments in subsidiaries   1,323,176 1,321,861
Current assets      
  Prepayments and other receivables   143 80
  Amounts due from subsidiaries   378,567 372,141
  Cash and cash equivalents   107 19
  378,817 372,240
Total assets   1,701,993 1,694,101
Capital and reserves attributable to shareholders      
  Share capital 18 45,205 43,554
  Retained profits   619,698 635,921
  Other reserves   1,023,098 1,000,789
Total equity   1,688,001 1,680,264
Current liabilities      
  Accruals and other payables   225 69
  Amounts due to subsidiaries   13,767 13,768
Total liabilities   13,992 13,837

Approved by the Board of Directors on 28 February 2019.

Mats H. Berglund
Peter Schulz

(b) Reserve movement of the Company

Other reserves
US$'000Share premiumStaff benefits reserveContributed surplusSubtotalRetained profitsTotal
At 1 January 2018224,567(3,716)779,9381,000,789635,9211,636,710
Share issued as Vessel Consideration Shares, net of issuing expenses (Note 18(a))17,379--17,379-17,379
Dividend paid (Note 23)----(14,315)(14,315)
Share-based compensation (see Remuneration Report)-5,265-5,265-5,265
Share awards granted (Note 18(b))-(461)-(461)(729)(1,190)
Share awards lapsed (Note 18(b))-338-338-338
Share issued upon grant of restricted shares awards (Note 18(b))5,347(5,559)-(212)-(212)
Share awards fully vested2,658(2,658)----
Loss attributable to shareholders----(1,179)(1,179)
At 31 December 2018249,951(6,791)779,9381,023,098619,6981,642,796
At 1 January 2017139,887(2,368)779,938917,457638,0641,555,521
Share issued as Vessel Consideration Shares, net of issuing expenses (Note 18(a))43,905--43,905-43,905
Shares issued for new share placement, net of issuing expenses35,761--35,761-35,761
Share-based compensation (see Remuneration Report)-4,301-4,301-4,301
Share awards granted (Note 18(b))-(1,411)-(1,411)(914)(2,325)
Share awards lapsed (Note 18(b))-1,853-1,853-1,853
Share issued upon grant of restricted shares awards (Note 18(b))5,014(5,245)-(231)-(231)
Share awards fully vested-(846)-(846)846-
Loss attributable to shareholders----(2,137)(2,137)
Unclaimed dividends forfeited----6262
At 31 December 2017224,567(3,716)779,9381,000,789635,9211,636,710
Loss attributable to shareholders of US$1,179,000 (2017: US$2,137,000) is dealt with in the financial statements of the Company.